In touch with the operations

The BankersDay is starting to become a real tradition at Gemini. The investors get a view behind the scenes. This time we took them to Esbjerg.

Keeping the investors informed about the project is an important aspect in relationship management, said CFO Arend Drenthe in the previous Living on Wind. ‘We have chosen a pro-active approach. Short and good, we keep our shareholders and investors well informed. We visit the banks on a regular basis and show them around on the BankersDay. So they can see the operations in person.

This year the group went to Esbjerg, where they were informed about the status of the project, after that the safety vests and helmets went up, so they could get a close look in the harbor on the site from where the turbines – after extensive quality checks- are shipped to sea.




On the BankersDay banks are

briefed on the progress of Gemini. Financially,

but also in terms of progress